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Labrador retriever calendar 2007


Labrador retriever 2007 is the 4th edition of the Calendar-share published by the The Labrador-Guide Dog Foundation in aid to the Blind, seated in Poznań.

Because the Foundation planned to participate in the International Guide Dog Federation’s Seminar in New York 2006 and in the big Kynological event in Poland – specially in Poznań – the World Dog Show 2006, and the Calendar 2007 had to be offered and distributed then, we decided to provide this Calendar with a new marketing feature, the bilingual edition. In the part dedicated to the Foundation and containing photos of volunteers, instructors, trained guide dogs and their handlers, there were added pictures of the people who enable the existence of the Foundation, as well as the publication of this calendar.

The Board of the Foundation would like to express special thanks to the authors of photos: Waldemar Dąbrowski, Wojciech Karolak, Ewelina Marczak, Małgorzata Osuch, Tomasz Bieliński, Monika Osińska and Remigiusz Oprządka. The total income from the Calendars sale will be assigned to our statutory goal, training guide dogs of Labrador retriever breed and giving them free to blind users.. As in the previous years, the Calendar was created by the unselflish help of lovers of the breed, who donated the taken by them photos to the Foundation.


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